Dunamis is a compelling Bible teacher and speaker with a gift to cross-reference Biblical truth into relative truth. He believes influence is built on subtle persuasive convictions that build permanent change over time. He is very passionate about helping people learn and grow rooted roots of spiritual longevity that doesn’t fizzle out.

5 Steps to great preaching

Pray Yourself Hot

Having alone time with God is imperative and pivotal to great transitions in preparation to deliver the word of God. Praying yourself hot means giving your all, pouring out your heart to God, fasting in between meditations, finding a secluded place without any distractions and letting yourself yield totally to what God desires. When Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane He prayed Himself hot to the point he began to sweat blood. This showed the weight and strain God was facing before going to the cross on our behalf. You can tell when a preacher has been praying and seeking the Lord. Grace is in his tone, power is in his conviction and God is truly guiding his thought process along the way. You have to be willing to be still for a good thirty minutes to engage into a higher level and presence of Gods power.

Know The Word

As you examine your life in the word of God you will see the relevance of your life in text. The more you know the word of God on a deeper level you begin to filter out the wasted time of flipping pages, trying to search hard when it should be already in your spirit. It’s like a new musician learning how to play the piano for the first time. When his or her eyes are open it takes time to learn every note in every key. Finger placement position challenges the newest of the melody versus the feeling of training to learn and covey something new at the same time. Knowing the word of God is the same way. Sometimes you have to feel your way through the text spiritually. God might take you to the storyline first and open up cross-references scriptures between the wisdom and basic clarity of the text.

Study In 360

As you form and contextualize components towards the perspectives of the bible you will begin to grasp the literal and spiritual significances of the word of God in 360. There’s a 360 view in every crevice of the bible. The challenge is finding the tools to hunt and search for it, bringing it home, skinning it, seasoning it, preparing it, serving it and eating the meat and saving the bone for reference. The environment of the text will help you see and feel the pulse, the heartbeat, and intention of the writer. The more you tap into the heart and vessel of the text you will understand how to compartmentalize, shape and define how God is speaking through you. When you walk into a mall you don’t just go to a random store that doesn’t fit the reason for you coming to the mall. First, you identify the need, reason, mission or a purpose for entering the mall knowing that you need to purchase a product or clothes for general purpose. When you walk in you scan the area, look downstairs, upstairs and look and distinguish the food areas from the clothing shops. The more you look you’ll find a Macys, Dillards or Nordstrom. Within the sections, they have a men and women’s section. The more you look you’ll notice different floors that have categories of reference. Floor one has cosmetics with various perfumes and colognes. Floor two has all men's wear and apparel, floor three is the women’s section and so on. The sole reason for this descriptive illustration is to show you the power and intention of a preachers 360 vision and understanding of his natural mall versus his or her spiritual mall. When you expand your mind in the spiritual mall of your heart you will find various floors of Grace.

Know Your Audience

Capturing the feeling and heart of the audience is more than just a feeling. As a preacher of the gospel, the very first thing you should do is give honor to whom honor is due. After giving glory and praise to God if you are a guest speaking preacher, honor the leaders and the game changers of the house. This shows that you respect the seats, positions, and wisdom that gave room for the opportunity to happen. Recognizing your spouse and family is just as honorable and becoming of a great preacher. It shows humility, class, respect, and intention. As you meditate in the atmosphere of praise and worship you will have a few seconds in between moments to scan the church and audience. When you do, ask God for the approach to take in dealing with who you are reaching and speaking to. Check to see the age difference, cultural background and how they react to worshipping God. This can speak volumes on how to give the moment spunk, spice, and smoothness. You might have a joke at the beginning of your message to make the audience feel at ease. Illustrations, videos and other avenues are great ice breakers.

Preach With Conviction

Messages that carry the weight of conviction have the most impact and influence on the audience you are reaching. The Apostle Paul conveyed the art of preaching not only to the Gentiles but also to anyone that was willing to think past there current situation. Preachers that lack the realness of knowing what they believe, how they believe it and why are deceiving themselves. The more you labor in the word of God with various levels of conviction the more initiative, value, structure, and formation you will feel every-time you stand in the pulpit.

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