This course is not your typical preaching course. Journey with pastor Dunamis as he gives intuitive instructional tips, tricks, and retention methods on how to really become the preacher that God has called you to be.

10 to 5 Lessons

Learn the art of preaching, discover your preaching voice, how to work the text, the art of story telling, how to capture and hold attention and lastly learning by taking the preaching challenges.

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The preachers league master class is not your typical preaching course. In this course you will find hands on value, intuitive interactive lessons, practical principles and out of the box approaches to 101 preaching. Many preachers and leaders today lack the hands on experience that demonstrates the true skill and mindset of a preacher that really knows how to exegete, preach and formulate sermons that changes peoples lives. In this course you will learn:

  1. The Art Of Preaching
  2. Discover Your Preaching Voice
  3. How To Work The Text / Sermon Prep
  4. The Art Of Story Telling
  5. How To Capture & Hold Attention
  6. The Preaching Challenges.


Unforgettable Bible methods, and strategies geared towards foundational learning and teachable application.


Each lesson contains a downloadable worksheets and quizzes for the final exam.


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Course Plan


The Art Of Preaching

In this module you will learn five essential styles of preaching. Each lesson demonstrates a clear view point of interaction, instruction and practical value. You will gain helpful ministry preaching tips and strategies as you navigate through each lesson.


Discover Your Preaching Voice

In this module you will learn the power of using your voice. As a preachers it’s vital and imperative that you have your own sound, style, approach, tone and charisma. Each lesson is geared toward unpacking specific transitions, placements and vocal demonstrations that will help you find your unique voice for preaching.


How To Work The Text / Sermon Prep

This module Is the bread and butter of how to manually outline your approach with sermon preparation. A great preacher can’t be great unless he understand how to study, practice and deliver a well thought out sermon. You will learn how to organize and structure your sermon outline with precision, style and visual excellence.


The Art Of Story Telling

In the next five lessons this module will equip and enable you to be a captivating story teller. See the story, think the story, live the story is the focus of this module. Learn the art of the life story, situational story, failure story, come back story and victory story.


How To Capture & Hold Attention

This module with show you how to captive your audience by keeping there attention, pacing your self as you go, using helpful examples and illustrations and lastly talk and speak as if you were visually in the morn, can house and closet of the listener.


The Preaching Challenges

In the lesson below you will learn intriguing techniques that are done in challenge mode. Pastor Dunamis has created this method and strategy to build mental muscle with creativity, quick thinking, and drill like approaches that give the preacher practical ways to become a great preacher. Each challenges will build your character, style and voice as you do them in real time.

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6 course  lecture with 5 hours of resourceful  training and hands on material.