Inspiration That Illustrates The Soul

About The Author

If you told Dunamis Duplessis he would be writing a devotional bible book by 2019 he would have laughed saying that his time is overwhelmed by the tension and struggles of everyday life. Born in Hawaii, raised as a preacher kid his family was always on the move. Duty station military orders landed half of his life living in Japan for 17 years. After joining the Army, he served on the frontline as an infantry paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. In 2006 he was recruited into the fishing industry a lucrative private business that afforded him to be the first black fishermen in his family fishing in the treacherous seas of Dutch Harbor Alaska. He later learned that his calling and deep love for ministry was drawing him back home to be with church family and friends regularly. He’s never lived in his own home. His house and apartment were literally “Boat & Water” for seven years. During the seven years of fishing, he used his downtime to write Bible Coach Devotionals. He currently lived in Texas on the minister alliance at Concord church in Dallas, Tx. He loves his family, church, and community. He hustled every day as an UberEats driver to self publish his first book so that life would have more meaning. He is committed to sharing his heart and soul in his messages of hope, love, grace, and truth as he continues to bless readers around the world. 

About The Book

The most embarrassing feeling most Christians and readers encounter after reading the bible a few times is confessing that they still don’t understand the bible in its entirety. Even bible teachers and church leaders still battle with the challenges of breaking the word of God down in ways that church members can truly grasp and understand. Bible Coach Devotionals literally walks you through a cohesive interaction method approach of comprehending the first six books of the bible. Each devotional has an introduction ice breaker, scripture illustration and devotional take way as a strategy model for retention. This method is specifically designed to enhance a straight forward comprehensive perspective of the first six books of the Old Testament. Not only will you feel encouraged and inspired, I believe you will never want to read a devotional another way after reading Bible Coach Devotionals. You will literally feel coached at a self-paced level without having to read so much at one time. You can read this around a campfire, in the living room with family and friends, read in between your lunch breaks, and even use as a cross-reference in between sermons and Sunday school lessons. This book is great for small groups, life groups, seminary students and anyone longing to enjoy the journey of true devotion to God.

Dunamis Duplessis