My ministry upbringing was formulated 15 years ago in the environment of biblical teaching, preaching, evangelism, prayer, church planting, outreach, and church-related mission overseas in Japan. My educational background is in Pastoral Leadership at Newburgh Theological Seminary School in Indiana. The five pivotal perspectives for Dunamis Ministries International are training, equipping, inspiring, illustrating, and cultivating Godly interactions so that lives are permanently transformed to go and make disciples beyond the walls of the church. God ordered my steps at a young age but for years I repeatedly ran from my calling. Years later God chased me down into submission to the Holy Spirit. My secondary training core was inspired by leadership expert Dr. Conway Edwards and Dr. Tony Evans. After completing leadership college at One Community Church I knew I was born to lead in ministry. Many are called but few are chosen, when you are chosen the journey doesn’t stop after the first and second season. When the urge of will power intertwines with the potency of Gods power the evidence of fruit flourishes and remains. My hope for you is simply to remove every doubted perception and begin operating in the dimension of Gods given grace and power. When you give your challenges to God He causes you to surrender to the real plan of Gods blueprint regardless of naysayers and faith blockers. The ministry is committed and geared towards God-centered results that impact lives around the world.


Does life feel frustrating, overwhelming and daunting? Does is get to the point that the effort of interest doesn’t match the outcome of your goals? You attend church, serve, get involved but still feel the need to have a real spiritual friend you can really count on? My passion is to help people grow spiritually. My purpose is to be the vehicle and engine that drives you, equipping you with tools and resources that will enhance and inspire your walk with God. 


Life started in Honolulu Hawaii on July 23, 1980. Nurtured in a Godly home bridged a personal love and zeal forGod. Options to hang out with friends after going to church was always limited due to strict moral upbrings. I lived a life of constant travel during the time my father completed staff college for naval officer training. The first duty station was Hawaii. After four years my family moved to Japan for new orders. At the age of four, my parents enrolled me in a Japanese American private school. I mastered the curriculum of learning how to be fluent and efficient in Japanese. After graduating from high school overseas in 1998, I moved to San Antonio, Texas. A few months later I was fortunate to sign documents to be enlisted in the U.S Army as an infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, NC. Years later I returned to Japan in 2009 to be a full-time English instructor in Yokohama. On March 11th, 2011 I witnessed and survived one of the most catastrophic earthquakes in Japanese history. The 9.1 aftershocks deepen my love for God knowing that God spared my life for a higher calling.

Fisherman Turn Preacher

In 2006 I was offered a fishing contract in Seattle Washington. The recruiter sent me an email with an on boarding date, dock location, pack list, and signing date to start by June. My first fishing tour began in the summer of 2006 on a 200 crew processing vessel in Alaska. We caught and processed over 11 million pounds of five species of salmon. After three years of seasonal work I advanced in the promotion and was offered a contract with a share boat company in Dutch Harbor. I was in the same fishing waters of the well-known discovery channel show “The Deadliest Catch.” After seven years of fishing, my goal was to be fully engaged in ministry surrounding myself with the tools and resources needed to flourish in my calling to preach and teach the word of God. I began preaching in men and womens shelter homes in Dallas, every fourth Sunday of the month. I hustled and worked as an UberEats Driver to publish my first book in The Summer of 2019. The journey and course of my life has taught me to appreciate every detail of ministry, humility and understanding of life.

about me

Dunamis DUplessis

Pastor Dunamis Duplessis is the founder and CEO of “The preachers league” a ministry and nonprofit organization catered to equipping, empowering, educating, demonstrating, and training ministry and business leaders globally. His educational studies and background are in pastoral leadership, social media interaction, and strategic leadership development. Fun fact, at the beginning stages of the pandemic in 2019 pastor Dunamis started preaching 60-second sermons on Tiktok. This quickly turned from twelve followers to well over a quarter of a million followers in under 2 years. Staying grounded and relevant is the motto that he lives by.  He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.  He is married to the love of his life, Denisha Duplessis. Pastor Dunamis is also a self-published author. The name of his book is entitled “Bible Coach Devotionals 90 Days.” His genuine love and heart for people are the reasons he still shares his messages of purpose-driven hope, grace, love, and truth with ministries and churches around the world.